There are tons of drugs out there, all with their own scary side effects. But have you heard of these 10 extremely frightening drugs? Take a look at the list below and feel proud of your decision to seek recovery and stay away from all dangerous substances out there.

1. Krokodil

If you haven’t heard of Krokodil, it’s kind of like a heroin-morphine mix that’s made from household chemicals and over-the-counter drugs, specifically in Russia. The drug gets its name from the fact that it causes one’s skin to actually become green, scaly, and bumpy – like a crocodile’s. It’s quite common for people using this drug to get gangrene and even require amputations.

2. Scopolamine

This drug comes from the nightshade plant in Colombia and Ecuador. It is also called “devil’s breath” and is actually used to strip people of their free will in order to assault or rob victims. That’s pretty terrifying, right? It “zonks you out” and makes you pretty incapacitated since you feel so drowsy and you don’t remember what’s happening.

3. Synthetic weed

So there are legal strains of synthetic weed out there – basically stuff people make on their own out of household chemicals and whatnot – and it’s really dangerous. Reports of psychotic breakdowns, strokes, blindness, and inability to recognize family members have abounded, thanks to synthetic weed.

4. Dinitrophenol (DNP)

DNP is a pharmaceutical weight loss drug that you can buy from online pharmacies. Basically, it completely restructures the way your body burns fat in such a way that your body will burn roughly 50% more calories – and that’s a lot. During the first 8 days of taking DNP, the user can lose about 12-14 pounds. Taking the drug longer than 8 days is extremely dangerous (I mean, the first 8 days are bad enough) – you will start feeling warm in the beginning of taking the drug, but by the last few days, you will sweat constantly. You’ll feel overwhelmingly lethargic and sluggish. Oh, and by turning up the heat so much in your body, you will literally “burn your insides”, to put it plainly. Beyond literally burning your insides, DNP is linked to being a carcinogenic – meaning it could give you cancer.

5. Nutmeg

Yeah, nutmeg, the spice. This might sound crazy, but nutmeg can actually cause serious psychotic episodes, intense hallucinations, muscle spasms, urine retention, and a feeling of overall extreme discomfort.

6. Bromo-Dragonfly

This is a psychedelic drug that’s known for being an outrageously potent hallucinogen. If you take just a teensy bit more than the “suggested” dose (which should really be zero, don’t you think?), you are pretty much screwed. This drug can keep you tripping for a whopping three days, but along with that comes things like seizures, vein spasms, and blood vessel constriction. In severe cases, amputation is required.

7. Jenkem

Okay, be prepared to be pretty grossed out. Jenkem is a drug that is actually from fermenting raw sewage. This creates a gas that people will inhale for a high. Gross, right?

8. Etorphine Hydrochloride (M99)

M99 is a chemical related to morphine, synthesized back in the 1960s. It is estimated to be anywhere from 1000 to 80,000 times more potent than morphine. It was originally used to immobilize big game animals…like rhinos, for instance. Because it is so potent (and reserved for gigantic animals like rhinos), it can kill humans upon skin contact – instantly.

9. Peyote

Peyote is a psychoactive substance that comes from a small cactus growing out in the deserts of Texas and Mexico. Auditory and visual hallucinations are common when one uses this compound. People typically chew on the plant or boil it to drink as tea. Serious “trips” from using peyote usually make users have an intense, overwhelming sense of fear – fear of death and going insane, in particular.

10. Licking toads

Okay, this sounds weird, I know. But there really are toads out there that if you lick them, you’ll experience a high. The Cane toad and Colorado River toad secrete psychoactive substances – so ingesting them will make you experience a high. Why you’d go around licking toads is beyond me, but, it has been done. A lot of these psychoactive compounds that these toads secrete are also linked to some pretty serious side effects. Toad-licking can result in severe muscle weakening, vomiting blood, and even death in the most extreme cases.