When I see sites that slam AA they really annoy me. But I can’t get involved. AA doesn’t need me to stick up for it. It needs me to just keep showing up and if I do that then AA will still show up for anyone who needs it. I do want to say this though:

If ONE, you aren’t an alcoholic, and TWO you have never been to an AA meeting you really need to stop talking about it. And even if you have been to an AA meeting but you aren’t an alcoholic you need to stop. And if you are alcoholic and have never been to an AA meeting you need to stop. You don’t get it. And…

If You Know Nothing About AA, You Sound Silly When You Talk About It

You talking about AA and about alcoholism sounds just as silly as me talking about, how a normal day in Russia would go. I have a basic idea based on what I have read, seen on TV, and what people have told me—but I have never actually experienced a day in the Russian life and I am not Russian so I would never know for real.

So really, can people who don’t get it, which think they do get it, just do themselves and the rest of us a favor and stop talking about it? I don’t pretend to know what chemo for cancer feels like, I don’t pretend to have any clue what it feels like to have cancer as a person—but you don’t see my sitting here having an opinion and bashing any route that individual would want to take to possibly feel better, do you?

No, you don’t. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to AA for some reason. And I think it isn’t necessarily AA they have an opinion about. It is the whole God thing they assume to understand that’s a part of AA.

Hmmm…..sounds about right actually.

What if We Took God Out of AA?

If we took God and spirituality out of AA would anyone be saying anything about it? I also took a look at what Google would fill in for me if I typed in the search bar, “AA is….” This is what came up:

  • AA is a cult.
  • AA is bullshit.
  • AA is bad.

I took it one step further. And looked at the articles. Most are written by people who are of one of the two categories I mentioned earlier and most of them, guess what their whole deal with AA is? The God thing.

Can I just say something? No one who goes into AA is really cool with the God thing off the bat. Or if they are it isn’t like what they’re thinking. And whatever people think they know about the God thing in AA they are also wrong. Also if you have issues with God figure that out on your own time—don’t take it out on AA.

But like I said. I am not here to defend AA. I don’t need to. I am just begging and asking people to stop talking about something they don’t understand, aren’t dealing with and have never experienced. And try to focus on the positive. Because regardless of what you think about AA or the God thing—it does work. To say it doesn’t is false.

Oh and if you don’t like it you don’t have to go. It isn’t treatment, it doesn’t make any claims about efficiency and/or success rates and it sure as heck isn’t making you do anything like believe in God. So just get over it. Please.