It’s easy to have that rockstar stereotype in your head – you know, the band members who do every type of drug imaginable, go on drunken benders, and trash hotel rooms while sipping on expensive champagne. Well, that isn’t always the case. There are plenty of amazing musicians who live a much different life – one that you may not expect. These music stars have turned away from the life of drugs and attest to how much better their lives – both on and off the stage – are thanks to this change.

10 Famous Musicians Who Chose Sobriety

1. Elton John

Chances are you know, at the very least, one Elton John song. This legendary music star used to party harder than anyone could imagine – he used cocaine day in and day out. But now, his sobriety has been on point for years, and he proudly bolsters a sober movement in the music industry. And, he’s just as legendary as ever.

2. Eric Clapton

It is hard to believe that the singer behind the classic rock hit “Cocaine” no longer touches the stuff – or any drug for that matter. He says his rock bottom moment wasn’t thanks to cocaine, though, but was actually due to heroin and alcohol. He’s proudly been sober since 1987 and has even opened halfway houses to help those in need.

3. Ringo Starr

The famous drummer from none other than The Beatles decided to get sober back in the 1980s. He was known to drink heavily and decided to stop drinking after the realization that he couldn’t remember hardly anything from the entire decade of the 1970s.

4. Calvin Harris

Fast forward to modern times and we have the legendary EDM star, Calvin Harris. Based on the crowd that his music draws in – you know, crazy party-goers with an affinity for drugs and alcohol – you’d think this DJ was just like them. But, in all actuality, this Scottish DJ and producer hasn’t touched a drink since 2009.

5. Anthony Kiedis

This Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman was no stranger to heroin and alcohol. Throughout his life, he was in and out of treatment centers and struggled with a heroin addiction for over 10 years. Thankfully, he’s clean and sober – and still a legendary rock god without the drugs.

6. James Hetfield

Ah, the frontman of Metallica. That’s about as rock-and-roll as it gets, isn’t it? He suffered majorly with drug addiction and intense alcoholism, but thankfully got sober in 2001. He has proudly been clean and sober ever since then.

7. Tom Waits

Known as a bit of a howler in his music career, Waits reached sobriety with the help of his wife. It’s been over 20 years since he’s touched any mind or body altering substance like drugs or alcohol. And his sobriety contributed to not only a better music career, but also his very own (and impressive) acting career.

8. Chris Martin

The Coldplay singer says he and the band used to indulge quite heavily in a party phase earlier on in their careers. But now the band is known not only for their incredible talent and popularity, but also for their clean living and pro-sober lifestyles.

9. Ozzy Osbourne

It’s no secret that this rock legend had an insanely serious problem with drugs and alcohol. If you’ve seen Ozzy on TV nowadays, in his sober times, you can witness the effects years and years of drug and alcohol abuse have had on his cognition and speaking abilities. During his substance abuse days, he did some pretty crazy things – like biting the head off of a bat, for example. He heavily abused drugs and alcohol for over 40 years, non-stop, and after somehow surviving all of that, is clean and sober today.

10. Trent Reznor

For thirty plus years, the creative mind behind Nine Inch Nails was always in the public eye for a serious heroin addiction. He has luckily been clean for quite a while now and is doing much better because of it.

It can be difficult to imagine that the life of every rock star isn’t littered with empty bottles and black out evenings, but that isn’t the end-all-be-all for every musician out there. If these music stars – who are constantly surrounded by boozey parties and drug-laden events – can steer clear of substance use and abuse, then so can you! It’s all about staying strong, steering the course, and knowing how worth it it is to keep on your path of recovery.