It’s November – can you believe it? The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the year is coming to a close. But beyond that, did you know that autumn months are perfect for moving forward and conquering those goals of yours?

Usually we think of spring time as time to blossom and renew – much like the flowers that were hiding in the cold months of winter. But why not use the changing of the seasons in the autumn months to really motivate us, pushing us to achieve anything we put our minds to.

Take a look at 7 reasons why autumn is the best time to fall out of bad habits and change your life:

  1. Focus on your goals

Which type of day makes it easier for you to stay in and focus on your goals: a beautiful and sunny summer day, or a rainy and dreary autumn day? The latter, I’m guessing, since the former makes me rush outside to enjoy the sun. A rainy day in the middle of November is the perfect day to get inspired and work toward goals you may have pushed to the side – but don’t be tempted by watching Netflix all day!

  1. Get inspired by nature

We often think of the blooming of flowers in spring as a source of motivation for blooming as individuals – but why not think of the changing of leaves to beautiful reds and yellows as a time for changing, too? Harness the energy-boosting crisp air and get some motivation by getting outside. Clear your mind with the fresh air and see progression on the horizon.

  1. Harvest all that positive thinking

Don’t succumb to seasonal depression. I get it – it can be a little disheartening when the chill enters the air and you miss the summer warmth. But stay focused – keep it positive and don’t let the changing of the seasons get you down. Take up the challenge to think positively, even when cooler temperatures and dreary weather tries to bring you down – even when those around you are feeling the effects of the season change.

  1. It’s easier to eat healthier during this harvest season

Autumn is an exceptional time to start eating healthier, with the delicious produce available this time of year. This time of year brings us things like apples, beets, cranberries, squash, sweet potatoes, and more – the list goes on and on! On top of that, adopting healthier habits before the holidays roll around will set you up for a less guilty Thanksgiving or holiday dinner.

  1. Fall is the best time to start exercising

For most who exercise, sweating it out in the summer months is a rather miserable process. The sun is sweltering, the temperatures are unbearable, and the humidity makes breathing feel more akin to swallowing pool water. So working out in the fall months is actually a nice treat – the cool air will keep you from overheating, and who doesn’t love the sound of leaves crunching under their feet on a jog in the park? Plus, how can you resist the beautiful fall foliage on your afternoon trot?

  1. You’ll have some more time for yourself

We usually have a bit more free time in the fall months with all those holiday breaks and days off. So why not use this to your advantage? Use autumn as the time to finally learn that new language you’ve been dying to master, start your very own blog, or get going on a startup idea you’ve had brewing. Don’t spend your fall watching TV or surfing the Internet – be productive and do something you’ve been pushing to tomorrow.

  1. You can save more money

This may seem counterintuitive with the usual increase in spending around the holidays, but if you plan it well, you can use the fall to save for the coming year ahead. Take note of some of the extra expenses that come with the cooler weather and holiday season and take action – be an expert saver. If you can save during this time of year, you can save at any point.

Are you going to harness the positivity of the fall months and reach goals you’ve only talked or thought about? The answer should be yes! Don’t think the cooler weather means you should be depressed – think of it as a time to start fresh and produce real change in your life.