Let’s take a look at some of the media-frenzied, drug-related stories in the past few years about crazy antics from celebrities under the influence. These stories are there to remind us that drug use and/or addiction can plague anyone, even celebrities, and these people are real people too. Let’s learn from these stories and grow in recovery.

Miley Cyrus’ speech…with a joint

It’s hard to say the name “Miley Cyrus” without a shudder nowadays. From teen star to controversial celebrity, she’s made quite a name for herself in terms of her wild antics these days. About two months after her infamous twerking performance at the MTV Music Video Awards (don’t pretend like you didn’t watch in horror both on TV and on YouTube), Miley gave an acceptance speech for Best Video at MTV’S European Music Awards in Amsterdam. But it wasn’t just any speech. On stage, she pulled out a joint, and lit up during her speech.

Lady Gaga’s 15 joints-a-day habit

While promoting marijuana for quite a while now, Lady Gaga is no stranger to Mary Jane. But she admits a point of it getting out of control. After having hip surgery from a pretty bad injury, Gaga admits having smoked 15 joints a day to help her numb the pain. She would smoke all day to numb the pain, sleep it off, get on stage and experience even more pain, and smoke the rest of the evening to escape the pain. Upon taking some time off with a fellow artist friend, she realized how her addiction had spiraled out of control and comments that nowadays, she is the most sober she’s ever been.

Amanda Bynes’ behavior

Remember Amanda Bynes? The Nickelodeon child star? In the past few years, she started displaying some rather strange behavior, perhaps most notoriously due to her excessive marijuana smoking. She was reported to be kicked out of a gym after being caught smoking marijuana in the locker room on April 20th (4/20), and soon after kicked out of a room at the Ritz Carlton for smoking there as well. She was also arrested for marijuana possession and ‘reckless endangerment’ after throwing a bong out of her 37th story window.

Scott Disick checks into rehab

If you’re familiar with the Kardashian family, you understand the severity of Scott Disick’s – Kourtney’s husband – alcohol and drug problem. After a particularly wild night, he is seen on an episode of the E! show Keeping Up With The Kardashians as still being under the influence after waking up, falling over, and unable to form sentences. His bodyguard has to actually pick him up and carry him to bed, where Disick asks if he can take sleeping pills.

Lil Za gets put in cuffs twice in one day

Lil Za is an aspiring rapper and friend of Justin Bieber. He was first arrested for cocaine possession during a raid of Bieber’s California home, as per a felony search warrant. After that arrest, Lil Za was again charged with acts of vandalism after he smashed a phone inside his holding cell.

Justin Bieber’s DUI

Bieber went through his own period of wild antics and bad behavior in the past few years, ultimately resulting in an arrest. While in Miami, Justin was charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license after being pulled over in a rented Lamborghini. The original reason a Miami Beach Police officer pulled him over was because of Justin’s reckless speed of 60 mph in a 30 mph zone, but soon after opening the door, the scent of alcohol was overwhelming. In addition to being belligerent with officers, Justin also admitted to drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, and taking prescription drugs before getting in the car.

Janice Dickinson’s relapse

Janice Dickinson is a former supermodel and participant on Celebrity Rehab. She appeared on the E! series Botched, where she had reconstructive surgery. She kept showing up to doctor’s appointments woozy and slurring her speech, begging for more painkillers and being difficult. The doctors on the show categorized her antics as classic drug-seeking behaviors.

Michael Phelps gets busted for another DUI

There was a huge buzz about Michael Phelps and drug/alcohol use. Ten years after his first DUI, Michael Phelps experienced another DUI. The Olympic gold medalist was pulled over for driving 84 mph in a 40 mph zone, and proceeded to fail roadside sobriety tests. He blew a whopping 0.14 blood alcohol content – keep in mind the legal limit is below 0.08. He was banned from competition for six months and pulled from the Long Course World Championship Team.