With how connected we all are these days, it’s easy to think that drinking expensive alcoholic beverage and being a pro-athlete go hand in hand. Many of sport’s biggest stars are frequently seen on social media with a drink in hand, living the life of luxury. But that’s not what it’s all about. There are several athletes out there who stay away from alcohol, which seems like a good idea for staying on top of their game.

19 Famous Sports Figures Who Don’t Drink

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ranked the number two best current soccer player, this 30-year-old soccer star does not drink alcohol because his father died due to years and years of alcohol abuse.

2. Brett Favre

This football star, ranked as one of the top quarterbacks of all time, steers clear of any substances or alcohol. He went to rehab for alcohol and Vicodin addictions in 1996 and stays away ever since.

3. Dennis Rodman

Known for his talents on the basketball courts on teams like the LA Lakers and the Chicago Bulls, Rodman reportedly checked into a rehab center in 2014 in an attempt to clean up his rather wild act.

4. Charles Barkley

A powerful force in the NBA world, Barkley was charged with two DUI counts and sent to rehab back in 2008. He also openly admitted his struggles with a gambling addiction.

5. Joe Namath

Namath, a former football star now in his 70s, was drunk during a TV interview in 2003. He spoke inappropriately to the female interviewer and made a fool of himself on national television. Later, he checked into a rehab center and got sober.

6. John Daly

This pro-golfer had a drunk-in-public incident that pushed him to become sober. In 2008, he was brought into police custody after being found inebriated outside of a Hooters restaurant in North Carolina. That event resulted in his future sobriety.

7. Mickey Mantle

In 1994, the baseball star from the New York Yankees went for treatment for his alcohol addiction at the Betty Ford Clinic. Sadly, his liver and body was already too damaged at that point, and he passed away just the next year after seeking treatment.

8. Miguel Cabrera

Back in 2010, the baseball star went to rehab for his struggles with alcoholism. But he was arrested for a DUI just the next year after his stint in rehab. He’s pressing forward and continuing with addiction treatment, although the struggle remains.

9. Josh Hamilton

Hamilton is no stranger to the struggle of drugs and alcohol, but luckily, he’s remained clean and sober since 2005. He attributes his sobriety to his faith in his autobiography.

10. Dwight Goodon

This pitcher openly discussed his drug and alcohol addictions in his autobiography that was released back in 1999. He’s been sober since 2011.

11. Jayson Williams

This basketball player was charged in 2010 with a DUI after crashing his car into a tree in New York. The drunken crash resulted in a year sentence in prison. He attributes his prison sentence to his newfound sobriety.

12. Darryl Strawberry

Strawberry had his major struggles with addiction for several years. In 2014, now clean and sober, he opened The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center to help athletes overcome their substance abuse issues. Talk about a turnaround!

13. Oksana Baiul

This Ukrainian ice skating star crashed her car while drunk driving in Connecticut, resulting in a DUI. After the crash, she entered rehab and has remained sober since the late nineties.

14. Ken Caminiti

The baseball player opened up and admitting to his drinking problem in 1994, but did not enter a rehab center until 2000. Unfortunately, he died an untimely death in 2004 after mixing heroin and cocaine.

15. Cris Carter

Carter’s heavy drug addiction and drinking problem led him to be cut from his football team in 1989. Although Carter was devastated to leave his team, the football player credits this moment to helping him get clean and sober.

16. Bernie Parent

This NHL player retired from hockey after an eye injury and also used this time to get sober, joining Alcoholics Anonymous soon after.

17. Mercury Morris

Football player for the San Diego Chargers and the Miami Dolphins, Morris was convicted in cocaine trafficking back in 1982. The charge and involvement with the crime led him to kicking his habits and saying goodbye to drugs and alcohol. Later on in his life, he became a motivational speaker.

18. Tai Babilonia

This female athlete used drugs and alcohol to treat her severe depression, attempted to mask her pain with substance abuse. She had a failed suicide attempt in 1988, and that event is what ultimately led her to take a step back and realize she needed help – with both her substance abuse and her depression.

19. Leonard Little

Football player for the St. Louis Rams, Leonard Little was convicted of manslaughter after a drunk driving incident. He crashed into a killed a woman while driving drunk. After the horrific experience, he got sober for the very first time. But, sadly, six years later he was seen failing sobriety tests.